Zenyum invisible braces available at prosmile dental

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What are Zenyum Invisible Braces?

Zenyum invisible braces are custom created with advanced 3D printing technology to fit snugly over your teeth. The invisible braces make teeth straightening happen by applying mild pressure over a period of time. Zenyum invisible braces treats a wide range of cases ranging from mild alignment shifts to complex cases.

Visible Results

It takes an average of 3-9 months to see visible changes to your smile depending on your condition.

Fewer visits to the Dentist

3-4 trips to our clinic for the entire treatment compared to other solutions.

Affordable Pricing

70% more cost-efficient than conventional teeth-straightening methods

In-app monitoring

Complete tracking of your invisible braces journey through the Zenyum App.

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Getting your Zenyum Invisible braces at Prosmile Dental

The Zenyum Invisible braces treatment is now available at Prosmile Dental. Simply complete the 5 minute assessment by clicking on the link below and Zenyum will get in touch with you to book your first appointment with us.

1. Quick Assessment

Take a quick 5-minute assessment to get started

2. Visit Our Clinic

Visit your nearest Prosmile Dental clinic for a 3D scan

3. Treatment Plan

Get a fully customized treatment plan for approval

4. Fitting at Clinic

Get your clear aligners fitted at the nearest Prosmile dental clinic

5. Track progress

Use the Zenyum app to track your treatment progress

Types of Zenyum Clear Aligner Treatments

Zenyum offers ZenyumClear™ for mild cases, and ZenyumClear™ Plus for more complex cases. Prosmile partners with Zenyum to help you choose the right treatment based on your teeth conditions. Here’s a more detailed comparison of Zenyum clear aligners.

*Any charges or fees relating to services provided by Prosmile dental (including but not limited to dental appointments and scan fees) shall be solely borne by you and payable directly to Prosmile. Prices are captured on a biweekly basis and may be subject to change.


Zenyum invisible braces are one of the most affordable solutions in the market with savings of upto 70% compared to other alternatives. The full cost breakdown of Zenyum invisible braces in Malaysia are as follows:

  • ZenyumClear™ costs RM 7,499 that treats mild to moderate cases. 
  • ZenyumClear™ Plus costs between RM 11,499 to RM 12,999 that treats severe teeth conditions. Invisible braces are definitely a better alternative to metal braces

Zenyum’s invisible braces come at no hidden costs with the flexibility to opt for one-time payment or interest-free installments.

Satisfied with the pricing and curious to know more? Take a free smile assessment with Prosmile Dental!

Zenyum invisible braces gently apply pressure to make sure your teeth align as straight as possible. This tends to cause slight inconvenience, especially during the initial stages of the treatment. In terms of pain, it is impossible for any type of braces to not hurt at all. After all, they apply pressure to your teeth so that they are aligned and straight. However, unlike other types of braces, Zenyum invisible braces are known to be less painful and offer slightly more comfort.

However, the Zenyum invisible braces are definitely more comfortable than metal braces as they do not scrape the inside of your cheeks, preventing sores or ulcers. They also prevent tongue cuts which is a common occurrence when wearing metal braces. It also offers better oral hygiene as they are easily removable for cleaning your teeth and preventing food from getting stuck. What’s more is that Zenyum invisible braces offer all these benefits while being ‘Hidden in plain sight’.

While traditional braces might need you to wear them for as long as 3 years, teeth straightening treatment happens much quicker with Zenyum invisible braces. It approximately takes 3 to 9 months for mild cases and 9 to 15 months for more severe cases. 

However, in extreme cases where teeth extractions or multiple attachments are involved, it might take slightly longer than usual. But not to be afraid because our experts at Prosmile dental are here to help you through your entire journey and give you the best experience possible.

Cleaning your Zenyum clear aligners is as easy as ABC. Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your Zenyum invisible braces clean at all times:

  1. Use a separate toothbrush for cleaning your Zenyum Invisible braces.
  2. It is advised to use a toothbrush with soft bristles.
  3. Brush the invisible aligners in gentle strokes to effectively remove food materials. 
  4. Always remember to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth before wearing the invisible braces.
  5. Rinse your transparent aligners everytime you remove them to prevent bacteria formation.
Zenyum Invisible clear aligners being displayed along with casing